How to Take Pictures With an Instant Camera

In modern times, the art of instant photography does not cease to exist. The nostalgic feeling from instant photos still attracts many people to pursue this art. Not to mention that nowadays it is not difficult to find an instant camera and instant film.

Even in a big supermarket or a nearby camera shop, you can easily buy an instant camera that is suitable for your budget and your needs. Modern instant cameras are also easy to use. Besides, most of them are small and have lightweight; which make them very portable. Once you have purchased an instant camera for yourself, now it is time to take photos.

1. Choose the Correct Film and Load It into the Camera

If you buy a new Fujifilm Instax or a Polaroid 300 Camera, the search for the suitable film for them is very easy. The film is widely available and the price is also very reasonable. Mostly the camera is sold with a cartridge of the film as a promotion gift. If you do not get this offer, then you can buy film separately. It is not costly.

In case you decide to go with classic Polaroid cameras, the search for a film may be a little more complicated, yet it is not impossible if you know where to look. Once you have gotten the camera and its film in your hand, load the film cartridge into the camera. Do this carefully. Look at your cartridge of film. There is a black piece of paper or plastic on top of it. This thing is called the dark slide of the cartridge. It protects from a film from the light.

When you load your camera, remember not to touch this dark slide on top of the cartridge or else your film will be exposed to the light and be damaged. After you successfully load the camera, the dark slide will be ejected automatically and the film is ready to be used.

2. What to Notice When Taking Instant Photos

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The experience with the instant camera is usually very exciting, especially for beginners. Just press the button and a photo will immediately slide out of your camera. There are not too many rules to follow here. Instant photography is more about your mood and feeling than techniques and rules. However, if you use Polaroid film, there are still a few things that you may want to keep in mind when taking instant photos with it. It is essential to know that Polaroid film needs to be covered from the light in order to develop well.

The developing process takes around 90 seconds to 3 minutes (some films even require as much as 10 minutes). When the picture is first ejected from the camera, it needs to be covered right away to give it a “dark room” to develop. If you are going to shoot under the bright sunlight, let think of how to cover the film before actually starting to shoot.

There are cases when the photos are “burnt” due to being exposed to light too soon after they are ejected from the camera. During the development, the photo may not look like what you have tried to capture. Do not worry about this, be patient and wait for a process to finish. Only after the photo is fully developed that you can see the sight you have taken.

3. Know the Limits of Instant Photos

While the instant photography is pretty enjoyable, it has some limits. The colors of instant photos are typical. This is a special feature of instant photography and many people love it endlessly.

If you do not belong to this group and you find the colors of instant photos are not bright enough for your taste, then the sad news is you cannot change this. So when you decide to go with instant photography, you need to accept its typical colors and style.

The sharpness of instant photos cannot match with ones you take using other types of camera. Instant photos are for quick snapshots, not a detailed and sharp artwork. Do not expect a clear landscape in great details in an instant photo or else all you get is a disappointment.

Instant photos have the tendency to blur, especially when you stand too close to the object. So you should better keep a good distance with the thing you want to shoot.

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