7 Easy Tips For Maintaining The Video Game Console

Having a video game console is really exciting: It helps you enhance your game playing experience among many other benefits. But many just focus games without really caring about the little device that helps bring them enjoyment. With just some simple cost-free tips, you can keep this device last for many years.

1. Avoid Heat

Heat is among the top enemies that reduce the lifespan of this device. The first thing you should do it not to play the console for too long to avoid overheating. You should not have when to take a break when your console feels too warm in your hand. Even if you really want to continue the game, let the device cools down first. Operating the console in a room with air conditioner is a good idea.

Make sure you keep the device away from intense heat sources and direct sunlight. Of course, freezing cold environment is also avoided. Put your console in an open area and give it enough room to breathe: this will prevent accumulation of dust or heat. Don’t put or store anything on top of the console either. You can sit on the floor to operate the console but avoid playing it on the carpet as the carpet absorb heat very fast.

2. Keep It Away From Magnetic Forces

When you console has an internal hard disk or storage disk, staying away from magnetic forces is a must to protect the content inside.

3. Treat It With the Care

There are fragile parts in the device so avoid shaking them too much no matter how excited you are or drop them. Don’t touch parts you are not supposed to touch, especially the lens (which reads the disc you insert into the device) or the device can stop working.

4. Don’t Forget to Clean It Once in a While

Dust can be very harmful to this device as it blocks the air vents, causing the internal parts to overheat. Even smoke from the cigarette can clog up the air flow and cause dust build-up inside the console. Proper ventilation is a must to maintain the console’s smooth operation; therefore you should clean the device every once one in a while.

You can dust the air compressor or dust removal spray to deal with dust build-up. Don’t forget to wipe clean the air intake fan too with a dry, clean lint-free close and an eye-glass cleaner. Before cleaning, you need to unplug all cables.

5. Know How to Store It Properly

Before storing, make sure you leave no disc inside the device. Unplug it and put in away in its box. Other parts like memory cards or controllers should also be kept separately.

One thing you should take note: the wires. Lots of people just fold them up when storing them away. They can easily get tangled and loose; the end they may even stop working. Without them, the console will not work; it is that simple. Instead, let’s lay them flat, layer by layer gently.

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