The Latest Snapchat Hacks in 2017 for iOS (No Jailbreak)

This article, we want to show you how you can get the latest working Snapchat hacks on iOS 11 devices without Jailbreaking it. It’s a pretty simple process, and you just follow a few steps. Here are step by step for geting this job done.

Snapchat hacks on iOS 11 devices without Jailbreaking

Snapchat hacks

The first thing, you will need to open the Safari and go to the link here. Once you open the link, the web page will appear.

Click on the Download button the get the TweakBox app. When you have completed, let open the TweetBox which installed on your device. Here, it’s pretty simple to go ahead and install these hacks for Snapchat. You can tap on the button and scroll down to install the Crash Sticks, just wait for it to install.

Then open the Setting >> General >> Tap on Profiles and Device Management, then tap Winner Media >> Trust “Winner media a Co.”

Go back the TweetBox app, tap on Apps tab and scroll down and tap on Tweaked Apps (Snapchat icon). Select the Snapchat Phantom and tap on Install button.

Now you can open Snapchat Phantom and log in your Snapchat account and here you will have all the cool features. That are set a time if you need to take a picture, upload the image and video directly to your device, the stealth mode will enable a feature which allows you to watch people’s stores without them knowing that you have watched them and save snapchat video to your device quickly.

It also has an extra options at the Phanton’s configuration, you can see all the options as you can configure using phantoms such as:

The feed options story, tap to Advance, Disable Hold to View, Hide Discovery,…


Snapchat Phantom which is a pretty cool app which allows you to have all these awesome cool hacks on your Snapchat and let me know if you know some other great tricks via a comment below.

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