7 Great Tricks for Using Home Electronics Efficiently

Do you know that electronics consume a signification amount of energy every day? In fact, just computers and WiFi routers can make up about 20-25% of your energy bill. With rising energy prices, it is best to learn how to use electronic efficiently to save cost. You can do so easily with the following tricks which cost you very little to no money

1. Shop for Electronics With the ENERGY STAR Logo

One first tip should be about getting products with the blue ENERGY STAR logo on them. They are designed with the latest technology to save energy cost and contribute to protecting the environment. It is said that they can save at least 40% of energy compared to normal models. But even with these energy-star certified products, you can still waste energy. So, letís move on to other tips.

2. Turn Them Off When Not In Use

How many times have you pushed the Standby button rather than turned off your TV completely? In fact, electronic in the standby mode still consume energy. The best way is to unplug your devices when not in use. Even with your charger, unplug it from the power outlet when you donít use it to charge anything or you will still find it warm.

After finish charging, you need to remove your devices; or else, it is not just about wasted energy, even the battery can be damaged.

3. Use the Computer’s Power Saving Mode

Computers can consume a large amount of energy. The good news is, it always had power options for you to choose from. You can control the display screenís brightness and set the sleep mode when the computer is in its idle state. With that, you can save about 50% of energy.

When you are out for a while, at least hibernate your computer first. The best option? Shut your computer down.

4. Opt for a Laptop Instead of a Computer

If you have a choice between buying a computer or a laptop, it is recommended that you choose a laptop instead. It consumes less 50% of energy than a computer.

5. Adjust the TV Brightness

With a simple action, you can save about 15% of energy each time you use the TV: reduce its display screen brightness a little bit.

6. Use the Power Strip

As mentioned in track number 2, electronics consume energy even when they are not it use. You want to turn them off but hesitate because you have to walk up to different locations. Don’t be a worry, and you can solve the problem just by using a power strip with an on/off remote switch. It allows you to turn off all electronics with one click.

Take note that you need to re-program home entertainment equipment like DVR or TV when you turn the switch back on. To deal with this, you should plug them into a separate power strip that is turned off only when necessary. The power strip itself is not expensive, but it can help you save hundreds of dollar/year.

7. Monitor Power Consumption

If you want to know the exact amount of energy each electronic device in your house consumes, you can use an inexpensive power meter. Or, a more advanced option is using a whole-house energy monitor. Such device may help you decide if it is time to switch to a more energy-efficient model for a particular electronic device.

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