What is the CleanMyMac? Should You Buy This App

Hello everybody, today we have a really quick look at this program CleanMyMac is also a PC version available and what this program does is it goes through some of your old files and some hidden files and sort of getting clouded up over time.

Just tries to free up some space for so let’s see how effective it is a quickly go into my settings about storage. It’s CleanMyMac of MacPaw.

What’s New of The CleanMyMac 3?

cleanmymac 3

You can see I’ve used about half of my heart of my disk 1.57 GB free so let’s see how much of that space can clean up the soft having the computer for about six months using different programs what disorders are going click scan announcement is always different things censored.

Some of the photos miles, music folders over things in your trash bins and it also recommends some larger on some older files that you may forget about that you can clean up.

cleanmymac review

It’s not to delete any of your falls are important things lost before, so let’s see how much space we can claim arrived and went back in that whole process took about eight minutes in a very long ago.

You can see it’s found over 1.57 GB of a daughter and says it can be removed without any lost your system product daughter. So that’s good to know your head here and click claim insurance also for the minister’s can go ahead.

How to Use The CleanMyMac 3

With the Scan, clean up old to go outside about 5 minutes and that’s about average because I did this to our model older Macs create about 25GB in about half pretty good and conceals on the left is as large an old false signals to manually.

Go through some of the falls may forget about and clear them as well as is about to give us a marketer and have looked at that as well now as for price was for one license to do this one.

cleanmymac 3

It cost about $50 for two computers which is one are selected it. I think it’s a little bit pricey for the first option, but if you get the two computers about $40 each, it’s not too bad especially when it’s such a quick and easy program to use it really does cite requirement of space.

[button link=”https://macpaw.com/store/cleanmymac” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Buy CleanMyMac Now[/button]


I hope you enjoy this really short look at CleanMyMac 3 and leave me comments below if you have any other programs, you are choosing to does a similar thing or questions comments concerns rating and also leave the website links and going click check out the program along as well thanks reading everyone.

If you want to see more details about CleanMyMac feature, you can click here.

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